Out of Bed Monitors

The Portable Activity Monitor (PAM) is our wire free radio solution to the traditional floor pressure mat and the wired bed occupancy monitor with exit pressure pad.

Transmitter-Detector PAM Unit

1155 – Portable Activity Monitor (PAM)

The 1155 – Portable Activity Monitor (PAM) is a free standing rechargeable battery unit 28cm in height. There are no wires to trip over as the unit is linked by radio to the portable receiver. The rechargeable battery power will last for approximately two days between charges depending on useage.

• The PAM radio transmitter has a robust sealed body (Splash proof) that should withstand accidental and intentional abuse.
• Simpler for Corers to use. One switch for ON & OFF. One lamp for the 15 second exit timer.
• Out of range audio warning. This ensures that the PAM is always within signal range of the receiver.

PAM Unit Battery Charger (Required) P/No. A4731

PAM Transmitter-Detector - Back Hook


• Rechargeable battery that will function for long periods.
• PAM sends its radio message to the master receiver then goes into “Sleep” mode thereby extending the battery life.
• The PAM radio unit will notify the master receiver when the battery needs recharging.
• The PAM has a 13cm heavy base with a soft rubber cushion ring on the bottom to help to keep it upright if accidentally knocked. The body dimensions: 25cm x 4.5cm.
• Custom versions available to match specialist applications.

The 1142 Radio Master Portable Receiver

P/No. A4513
This is a desk top portable product can be moved to where staff is working. This is a robust unit that should withstand accidental abuse. There are a number of useful features, these are:

• Large two line LCD display that will identify the PAM unit calling. Multiple calls can be scrolled at the touch of a button to show all the calls on the system.
• All calls start an infernal sounder to attract staff attention.
• Supplied with an internal rechargeable battery to ensure that the master will continue to operate when there is a 240 volt power failure.
• Capacity to receive calls from up to 50 PAMs, portable panic buttons, pendants, door monitors, wall call panic buttons, epilepsy monitors, incontinence monitors, etc.
• Out of range monitor at the master controller via radio (polling) (failsafe).
•The calls can only be cancelled at source (PAM).

Portable Receiver Battery Charger (Required) P/No. A4510
1142 Radio Master Portable Receiver - Menu Screen1142 Radio Master Portable Receiver - On Off Button

pdf-iconDownload the PAM Out of Bed Monitor PDF


1155 PAM System – O&M Manual (1142RX Portable Receiver)

PAM 1155 and 1142RX portable version User instructions – Jan 2014

1155 PAM System – O&M Manual (1142RX Wall Mounted Receiver)

PAM 1155 and 1142RX wall mounted version User instructions – Jan 2014