GSM Auto Dialler

GSM Voice / Text Message Alarm Communicator / Auto-dialler

  • The GSM Voice Alarm Communicator (GSM-VAC4+) is an inexpensive and reliable device that transmits pre-recorded speech messages and / or SMS text messages, on alarm, to up to 10 different telephone numbers.
  • The GSM network is used for the transmission and is especially suitable for locations where transmission is not possible via fixed telephone or an additional signal path is required.
  • When an input is activated it automatically dials out to pre-programmed numbers and an alarm message is sent. GSM-VAC4 also has 4 outputs to control devices remotely. In addition the New GSM-VAC4+ will send Contact ID format message to an Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Can be linked to all Call Aid UK Alarm systems.


GSM VAC4 Auto Dialler - Outter ImageGSM VAC4 Auto Dialler - Internal Image

  • Built-in 3 or 4 band GSM module
  • Contact ID protocol built-in
  • 4 alarm inputs
  • ON/OFF input
  • 4 remotely controlled alarm outputs
  • 4 pre-recorded alarm messages – 1 for each alarm input
  • 15 SMS alarm and service messages
  • Memory stores up to 10 different telephone numbers
  • Listen-in function
  • PC programming by USB SIM card editor
  • Download programming by USB port
  • Output remotely controlled by SMS, CLIP and DTMF command
  • System activating and deactivating by SMS, CLIP and DTMF command
  • Up to 1000 event log buffer


  • Input Voltage: 12.00 Volts DC. ( 9.00 to 30 Volts DC )
  • Activated by N.O., N.C.,+12V DC or GND
  • Current: 30mA ( idle ), 350mA ( active )
  • Dimensions: PCB 105 x 77 ( boxed 108 x 165 x 56 ) mm

Power Supply and Battery Back-up

  • Auto-dialler 12Volt PSU P/No. A4260
  • Auto-dialler Battery Back-up P/No. A4261

pdf-iconDownload the GSM Auto Dialler PDF