• 2040 listen-in

    multiple monitoring system

    Children’s homes

    Call Aid UK has been supplying monitoring systems to children’s homes for many years. The products that have been supplied are listen-in bedroom monitors, bedroom door monitors that are fully operational whether the door is open or closed, staff panic buttons, out of bed monitors, disabled toilet alarms, front door bell, fire exit door monitors and drug cupboard alarm.

    Unique product

    Bedroom door monitor. This unit can be discretely flush fitted to the top of the door frame. This is wired to a key switch controller outside the door, allowing individual doors to be monitored. If needed an eight lamp indicator panel can be supplied that shows a green lamp next to the room name when the door is armed and a red lamp when the door monitor is activated. Larger capacity panels are available.


    The listen-in feature has a speaker in a room where staff are located together with a PC monitor showing which room is being listened to.
    The bedrooms have a bedhead call unit that has a sensitivity adjustable microphone. The master display allows the selected rooms to be monitored. The program allows manual selection of individual rooms or automatic cycling, stopping to listen to each room for five seconds before moving on.
    The bedhead unit can be located on the ceiling away from inquisitive residents.

    Staff panic buttons

    A portable staff duress alarm can be included that when activated will identify which room the call came from.

    • Easy to use
    • Wired in standard Cat5e cable
    • All parts fit standard UK socket boxes
    • The controller can be wall or desk mounted.
    • Numerous call unit types
    • Radio receiver in all wall call units
    • Various radio portable duress buttons
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Custom software when required

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