Hospital Patient Management

This completely new product has recently been installed at the Pontefract Hospital in Mid Yorkshire to great acclaim.

A second system will be installed shortly at the Wakefield Hospital for the same Trust.

The system will control and monitor a patient’s journey throughout their treatments during their visit to your hospital. From self check-in at the kiosk system, through to the waiting room, and then on to the consultations and treatments. All of these movements are tracked on the Sub-Wait Manager or Clinician’s computer screen.

Sub-Wait Manager or Clinician's Screen

Sub-Wait Manager or Clinician’s Screen


This software is designed to be extremely user friendly, providing “One click” action throughout the system. For example; a single click of a coloured icon in the top toolbar of the Sub-Wait Manager’s screen will reveal the entire list of a clinician’s appointments for that day.

Major cost savings can be achieved in small and large hospitals by reduced staffing in the areas of reception and meet-n-greet. Daily throughput of patients is increased along with many other benefits.

A large display screen located in the main waiting area will inform patients when its their turn to proceed through to a sub-wait or treatment area.

Wall Mounted LCD in Waiting Area

Wall Mounted LCD in Waiting Area

The system is fully DDA compliant and can be configured to provide patient confidentiality by using the ticket and numbering system.

Revenue generation is also available by running timed advertising slots for local businesses such as Taxis, Food shops, Disability aids etc.

Working demonstrations at your premises can be arranged, please contact us.