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  • 2041 Door Monitor

    Unique monitoring product

    2041 infra-red door monitor

    This unique product is used where the standard door contact is not suitable, i.e. where there is no door but access needs to be restricted. The very narrow field of detection remains within the width of the door frame so persons passing a monitored door in a corridor will not set off the alarm. It is fitted in the centre of the top frame of the door. Due to its narrow field of detection there are many other applications for this monitor.

    It has been used successfully monitoring bedroom doors in children’s homes where the child wanted the door left open at night, but staff needed to know they had left their room.

    Size faceplate (mm) 88 x 32

    1171 Key switch

    The 2041 monitor is wired to a key switch controller outside the door, allowing individual doors to be monitored.

    The 2041 monitor can be wired back to a central controller when multiple doors need monitoring at a central location. The 1171 key switch may not be required on these systems.

    There are eight and sixteen lamp indicator panels available that provide an instant view of all the monitored doors. The bicolour lamps can show which doors are armed and a red lamp when a door has been breached. Digital panels are available for larger systems.

    • Easy to use
    • Discrete
    • Wired in standard Cat5e cable.
    • All parts fit standard UK socket boxes.
    • The central controller can be wall or desk mounted.
    • Multiple door systems.
    • Minimum maintenance.
    • Can be used as a people counter at events/clubs.
    • Custom software when required
    • Surface mount versions


    2041 Door Monitor

    Multi-door system

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