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2050 Disabled Toilet

Alarm KitMade in the UK

2050 Disabled Toilet Kit


Installation guide

The 2050 disabled toilet alarm kit is simple to install using 4-core alarm cable. The 12v PSU allows only low voltage inside the toilet area. Please follow the simple wiring diagram that can be downloaded from the web page.

Additional parts can be purchased for larger toilets.

Positioning the components

It is important to ensure that the positioning of the call/reset unit & the ceiling mounted pull switch cords are placed within easy reach of the user. A crucial point to remember is that many wheelchair users cannot turn round. Therefore do not fit the pull cords behind them. Ideally pull cords should be on a line in front of the toilet pan, see the illustration below.

For safety reasons the 240V/12 Volt transformer is supplied separately as this should be fitted above the ceiling tiles. This ensures that only low voltages are connected to the equipment in the toilet area.

Full installation information is supplied with the kit.

2050 1110 1114 wiring


Dis WC Layout

For multiple toilet sites central indicator panels may be required, such as Hospitals, Gyms, Schools, Hotels Holiday camps etc.

1117 Alarm Indicator Panel for multi toilet installations

1117 16 way

  •  Relay switch output for connection to third party systems.
  •  Engraved name inserts can be fitted.
  •  8 way or 16 way versions avalible.
  •  Digital Panels also available.
  • Wall Mountable .
  • Stand-by PSU available.
  • Audible and visual alerts.
  • Dimensions 270 x 160 x 50mm.




Radio Wired
pdf-icon1103 Radio Disabled WC System

pdf-icon2050 Wired Disabled Kit Brochure


pdf-icon2050 Wiring Schematic