Disabled WC Alarm Systems

The CAUK 2050 Disabled toilet alarm kit is simple to install and includes all the parts required to be fully compliant with and exceed BS 8300:2001.

2050 Disabled Toilet
Alarm Kit

2050 Disabled Toilet Kit

The unique 2050 toilet kit with integrated pull cord provides the user with three ways to call for assistance. This allows larger disabled toilets to be covered without the need for an extra pull cord.  The ceiling pull switch has an orange cord which should be positioned against the wall opposite to the assist/reset unit.

System Operation

The person requiring assistance can:-

  • Pull the ceiling pull switch cord.
  • Pull the cord at the wall Assist/Reset Unit.
  • Press either button on the Assist/Reset Unit.
  • A reassurance lamp will flash on the Assist/Reset Unit & at the ceiling pull switch.

Once an assistance call is made the over door lamp will flash red.  An audible tone will sound to draw attention to the call. The system is reset by pressing the Green reset button.

System Features

  • Assist/Reset Unit includes pull cord and triangle.
  • Meets & exceeds BS8300:2001.
  • Simple to install with 4 core alarm cable.
  • Includes Power Supply.
  • Over door lamp with internal sounder.
  • Disabled person sticker included.
  • Easily linked to a wired or radio CAUK control panel.
  • Multiple toilets can be linked on a common powered system.
  • Hidden fixing screws.
  • Real buttons.
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK.




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Radio Wired
pdf-icon1103 Radio Disabled WC System

pdf-icon2050 Wired Disabled Kit Brochure


pdf-icon2050 Wiring Schematic